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My Writing

My writing blends my personal and professional passions, which converge around faculty communities of practice, belonging & inclusive, feminist, and online pedagogies, and caring.   

Bond, N. (2020, April 16). The Future of Faculty Development is Feminist. Inside Higher Ed. 


Featured in Feminist Pedagogy for Teaching Online. 2020.


Bond, N., & Gillon, K. (2020, September).  Collaborative Teaching, Caring-First Social Justice Classrooms, and COVID-19 Complications. The National Teaching & Learning Forum. 


Bond, N. (2020, April 22). Normally, Productivity is My Power-Pose. University of Venus.


Bond, N. (2020, April). A Self-Care Soliloquy. Women in Higher Education.

Bond, N. (2020, January 13). A Reckoning with Ritual. University of Venus. 


Bond, N. (2019, December 18). Pedagogies of Online Welcome. Faculty Focus. 

Bond, N. (2019, December 2). Purposeless as Part of the Process.  Women in Higher Education.

Bond, N. (2019, November 21). How I Almost Took a Time-Out from Twitter.  University of Venus.


Bond, N. (2019, September 4). Integrating “Nope” and “Never Again.”  University of Venus.


Bond, N. (2019, September 4). Reflections on Forming a Virtually Feminist Pedagogy.  Scholarly Teacher. 

Bond, N. (2019, April 2). Professionally Productive Vulnerability. University of Venus. 


**I'm open to freelance writing, collaborative writing & research opportunities, and shared or individual projects & presentations. Feel free to reach out.**

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